and thus it’s getting ridiculous!

Now one can claim that I’m extremely busy at the moment as the last entry was in December! But a three month hiatus should surely be considered a sabbatical.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have much to talk about at this moment in time. It all seems a bit same-y as each day has a routine closely akin to groundhog day. Child climbs in bed only to be shooed out. Child cries so weak willed mother lets her back in. Lack of sleep, breakfast, activities, cook then bedtime. Surely there was more to my life before Monkey?

Not that I would change motherhood for the world – far from it. But lately I’ve been dreaming and possibly perusing the ideas of what if. What if I had stayed in Japan? Well, the tsunami today would have made my parents have kittens whilst making my hair stand on end. Thankfully, from the sounds of things, all friends are safe and well. What if I had got that job in the City? Would I have been swallowed up by the big lights and the enormous-ness of it all? Or grit my eeth and worked through it all? And what if I stopped wondering about the what if’s?

I love my life and family. I love the fact that we can spend time together and just enjoy what we have, which renders the what if’s as moot. But reflection of what we hold dear is good for the soul.

I don’t however love the fact that in my 30’s I can still get spots that erupt like Mount Etna. But then at least Girlpants comforted me by telling me that it’s because I’m young at heart, which got him brownie points and a steak dinner.

in a 2 year old..?

Driving along today, Monkey asked if we could go shopping. Now, I know that some may say that she’s already in training, but in reality, she just likes to boss me around from the trolley in her broken toddler speech.

But what truely threw me (which incidently is a v bad thing to do whilst driving) was the passengers observation that Monkey’s Devonian accent was coming along nicely…

She’s 2. And has a cold. And a stuffed up nose which affects her speech. And a mother that has put immac in others shower gel for less. Okay – not done that one for years, but you get the gist.

I think those of you who have met me, or at last imagine my voice when typing wouldn’t place me with a Farmer Giles accent, so the idea that my orfspring would have the clear cut dulcet tones of a yokel makes me choke on my tea and reach for something radically stronger.

I think someone may be getting elocution lessons for Christmas…

it’s been an age

Can I claim that the bog was abductd by aliens that took over my brain?

Not buying it? No – me neither.

The problem is just finding enough time in the day in the day to look after monkey, do the jobs, cook etc. Poor Girlpants has been fending for himself with regards to laundry & the ironing pile, but at least he gets a cup of tea i ed. I tend to get a knee. Or a foot as the monkey has been ill, climbing into bed and then slowly but surely manevouring herself so that I get kicked out around 5am. Joys!

But at least the floor is good for my back!

So I will try to log back on – maybe not once a day but a couple of times a week at least. Or may my gin supply dry up!

Good golly! Now there’s a threat!

waiting for godot

Samuel Beckett once wrote about Vladimir and Estragon waiting by a tree for their esrtwhile friend, waiting and waiting for hours. You never see their friend, all your hear about are the two discussing him whilst waiting. And for a moment there, that is how Girlpants and I felt as we waited and waited for over 6 hours in the waiting room for the pediatrics ward.

We thought it would be two hours tops as we paid for parking and made our way to the ward, but one sad turkey sandwich plus yogurt proffered to the non-impressed monkey 2.5 hours later clearly told us how little we knew. After all, we hadn’t even seen the nurse then to take our details.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing but admiration for the NHS. However our GP referred us at 4pm in the afternoon and whilst we had a store of nappys, rasins and water, we clearly hadn’t thought ahead to pack a small suitcase, bottles for milk, milk itself or even some of the veg that Monkey is used to eating and wouldn’t turn her nose up at, let alone bringing Monkey’s jimjams. Nothing had prepared us for the fact that others had been waiting hours before us. A fact that dawned on us as bath, bed and milk time rolled past as the clock looked closer to midnight.

The Godot of pediatrics is not only the Doctor on call, but the Registrar. However such were the conflicting symptons that Mini-HD portrayed, that whilst running riot around the waiting room and taking people’s ankles out with the VTECH baby zimmer frame that only played one tune when it went in reverse so that each adult in the room wanted to drop kick it out of the 12th floor window

that neither the Doctor nor Registrar wanted to take a chance on sending her home. Something both Girlpants and I so desperately wanted to do. Luckily enough, at quarter to ten, Godot did arrive much to both Girlpants and my relief, but clearly not an acceptable moment for Mini-HD, especially at the sign of a rubber glove. After being prodded and poked for most of the afternoon, she was clearly overtired and had enough and therefore made it know as she “tangoed” daddy full on in the face. Our little girl is growing up so quickly…

Monkey is fine – we’re to keep an eye on her but we eventually (after much begging and promising to bring her in again at 8am if needs be) were allowed to leave. By this point, our little girl was overtired, shattered and really wanted her milk. And now that she’s sated, in her cot and finally settled, I would drag myself to the long dusty drinks cabinet for a Sim special strength G&T.

Only it’s been so long, I do actually believe that I’ve forgotten where it is…

he actually meant to put…

21 on the cake, not the random number you see below….

Hello people! Am back! My blog got broke when we moved surver and the hosting company updated their machine with something that blocked blog updates every single time. Apparently it took Girlpants 4 hours to go through their entire back end to find the problem. Mind – it was top on my birthday list…

It has been so long and Monkey’s hair has grown, oh, all of 2mm since I last posted. The girl was born with reams of hair and then carelessly lost it all. And as with Sampsons power, with the loss of her hair has come the inability to fight off any lurgy or germ that heads her way. Any of them. And then thinks it would be very nice as a present to infect her mother.

I’m sure that I didn’t sign up to 6months of constant sniffles when motherhood was bestowed, so I’ve spent the last few months researching possible cures for the common cold. And whilst I’m sure some big pharmacutical has the cure squirrelled away somewhere, I have found some treatments of respite. After all, alcohol kills the germs but amazingly enough, expensive chocolate eases the throat…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As Sim is a little busy with Erika, I thought I’d share a few Christmas photos…  It was a wonderful Christmas with a very happy little monkey.

Yes, that is about all the snow we had.  As you can see, her monkey (named My) still makes an appearance, but look what she got in her stocking…

Yes, it’s another monkey – and guess what we called it… yes, that’s right, it’s called Spank 😉

I’m sure there is something else in here…

Erika is one today! Happy Birthday Erika…

Hello everyone, yes, it’s Girlpants here…  Sim is still around, but has been unable to blog as her laptop died, I finally managed to fix it for her so you should be hearing more from her in the coming weeks.

Well, the last week has not been much fun, the HD household has been a rather miserable one with me full of flu – prescribed with Tamiflu…, Sim suffering with bad cold/flu and Erika with a cold and ear infection!  But, ignoring all of this, Erika is 1 today!

Happy Birthday Erika

Rather unusually for us, our forward planning meant that Erika’s birthday card appeared on CBeebies this morning – Sim was very pleased when Alex showed Erika’s card 😀

So our little girl is one, lots of presents although she hasn’t done much playing today, hopefully we’ll have more photos etc. on-line as soon as possible…


Bye for now,